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Final call: Ocean Art 2013 Photo

Final call: Ocean Art 2013

The 2013 Ocean Art contest’s deadline for submissions is 14 November at 11:59 PST. Late entries will be accepted up until 17 November, however, the price for each entry rises to $12/photo.

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Wetpixel on Instagram Photo

Wetpixel on Instagram

Wetpixel is now on Instagram under the username Wetpixelgram. We launched our account at DEMA 2013 and can’t wait to get some underwater photos up. So, please follow us and tag #Wetpixel or @Wetpixelgram in your underwater images.

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Aquatica announces the A70D housing Photo

Aquatica announces the A70D housing

Aquatica has released details of their housing for the Canon EOS 70D. It features redesigned access to the Quick Command control, the AF-ON /* lever has been fitted fitted with a rotating collar and the ISO button is now activated with a lever. In addition, the new housing will ship with Aquatica’s new “Pressure Check” vacuum system.

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Ikelite announces housings for Canon G16 Photo

Ikelite announces housings for Canon G16

Ikelite has announced their new housing for the Canon Powershot G16 compact camera. It features Ikelite’s standard polycarbonate construction but is available in two versions, one featuring TTL strobe triggering (with Ikelite strobes) and the other, featuring fiber optic ports. The later housing is also significantly smaller than the TTL version.

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Light and Motion releases new video lights Photo

Light and Motion releases new video lights

Light and Motion has released two new video lights. The first, the SOLA 2100 has a 60° flood reflector and a maximum output of 2100 lumens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Sola Video 2500 has 2500 lumens and a 90° reflector. Both run for between 1 and 4 hours depending on the output level selected.

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Wetpixel DEMA coverage 2013 Photo

Wetpixel DEMA coverage 2013

I am writing this whilst jetting my way across the Atlantic on a 747, watching Doug Sloss’s “Lightroom for Underwater Photographers”, on my way to Orlando, Florida. Wetpixel Associate Editor Abi Mullens and I will be attending the annual DEMA show and aim to give those that cannot be there both a flavor of the show and an update as to what is new in the world of underwater imaging. The show starts officially tomorrow so please keep checking back for for our daily updates.

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Nikon announces the Df SLR Photo

Nikon announces the Df SLR

Nikon has announced the release of its retro-styled Df SLR. Produced as an homage to Nikon’s “F” series of pro film cameras, it features the 16.2 megapixel FX sensor used in the D4, a 39 point AF system with a 2016-Pixel 3D Matrix Metering and Scene Recognition System, similar to that of the D7000.

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Extinct megamouth species identified Photo

Extinct megamouth species identified

50 years after discovering a set of teeth belonging to an undescribed species of ‘Megamouth’ related shark, scientists have determined that a new species of shark has been found. Although the species name is still to be decided, the genus is Megachasma.

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Name your own blenny Photo

Name your own blenny

Anna DeLoach reports that researcher Dr. Petter Wirtz is offering individuals the chance to have a new blenny species named after them. He has discovered a new species in the Azores, and in order to fund his return to the islands to obtain another specimen, is auctioning off the opportunity to name the fish.

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Aditech illuminates their MVS-8L12 video light Photo

Aditech illuminates their MVS-8L12 video light

Aditech has announced the release of their new Mangrove MVS-8L12 video light. These features a new purpose designed LED module that emits 9120 lumens at a color temperature of 5000°K. The lights have a 130° beam and can run for 65 minutes at full power.

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