Nikon: exit from compact film cameras?

Article Summary:

Things continue to be exciting in the film-to-digital transition in industry. I always tell people that they don't have to switch to digital imaging right now, but they should be aware of what is happening so when they are forced to switch, they will be ready.

Excerpt from "Nikon Boosts Digital Cameras, Eyes Exit from Film":
"Canon and Nikon control nearly all of the nascent digital SLR market. They are also the leading makers of film SLRs, but demand is declining due to a rapid switch to digital models.

"Kimura said Nikon had no plans to stop producing film SLRs, but that it may next year start considering pulling out of the film compact camera business due to a sharp plunge in demand.

"'There is still the matter of timing, but eventually we will have to dissolve [the film] business," Kimura said. 'There really is no region in the world where you can do good business in compact film cameras anymore.'"