Light & Motion announces Classic Focus Light

Classic Focus Light on Tetra
Classic Focus Light on Tetra
Light & Motion is proud to announce the all new Classic Focus Light as an addition to their Digital Still Photography line. The Classic Focus Light is the perfect accessory to aid with the auto focus o­n your underwater digital still camera. The Classic Focus Light is powered by a rechargeable, memory free, high capacity NiMH battery and includes a trickle charger. Also included is a universal mounting bracket that can be attached to most housing systems. The compact light has 3 output levels ranging from 20 watts down to about 10 watts. Burn times range from 45 minutes o­n the high setting to 65 minutes o­n low. Complete system including battery pod, NiMH battery, mounting bracket, light head and charger is $399. If you are doing multiple dives, add an extra battery for $99 and a multi-voltage fast charger for $99.

Light & Motion has a complete line of underwater digital video and digital still housings, lights and packages. For more information or a Dealer near you contact:

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