Sealux CD 100

Once again, Digideep has useful information about a newly announced housing. The CD 100 is a new Nikon D100 housing by German manufacturer Sealux. From Digideep's website: "Special features of the CD 100 are an optional "grand viewfinder" and a housing for Nikon's SB-80DX flash with an integrated pilot lamp. Interesting for everyone seeking a true TTL solution for the D100, which just skipped the Nikonos TTL protocol for the sake of many photographers who already owned Nikonos TTL compatible strobes." [more about this housing at at Digideep]

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Light & Motion Titan D100 Housing

Dec 20, 2002 - Light & Motion continues to move forward in Underwater Digital Photography with the introduction of the Titan D100, Digital SLR Photo Housing. Titan is a professional grade housing that pushes underwater digital photography to the next level. The Titan D100 is designed specifically for the Nikon D100 6.1 mega-pixel digital SLR. The D100 supports Compact Flash and Microdrive which provide massive storage capabilities that enable the user to save hundreds of high-resolution images. The Titan D100 Housing includes fingertip access to most camera controls using both mechanical interfaces, as well as infrared through the newly designed Smart Grips.

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Watt and Sea & Sea Housing

Scubadiving.com is featuring a short article by Jim Watt about Sea & Sea's Canon D60 housing:

"During the week in Bonaire, I shot more than 1,000 frames under water with the system. In the water, the housing balanced very well with both the super wide port and the macro ports. The size of the housing was a plus and it had the look and feel of an advanced professional system..." [read the article]

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Backscatter/D-SLR Article

Backscatter has posted an interesting -- and extremely comprehensive -- article about digital SLRs (in particular, the Nikon D100): "Digital is the best solution for all new shooters that are remotely comfortable with computers. The value of instant feedback is priceless. Experienced shooters that have a working knowledge and a high success ratio with film techniques will need to evaluate their options more closely. For myself, the new digital SLR

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