Maluku Divers closes Photo

Maluku Divers closes

Maluku Divers, a much loved resort in Ambon, Indonesia has announced that as of 31 May, it has closed. The company has issued a press release citing issues around a land ownership dispute that has forced the closure. All deposited bookings for 2018/2019 will be fully refunded.

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Video of epic above water drone save from camera POV Photo

Video of epic above water drone save from camera POV

We’ve all heard the stories, or may have even been there ourselves, of drones falling from the sky to meet their demise over a body of water. In this epic video caught by Dave Svorking, the battery in his DJI drone died and auto-landed close enough to the shore of a lake for him to jump in and save it, fully clothed. Not only did Svorking manage to catch the drone just before it touched the water, but the camera caught the whole rescue on video.

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Countdown to The Shootout begins Photo

Countdown to The Shootout begins

The Shootout, a live underwater photography contest between Gulen Dive Resort, Norway and Lembeh Resort, Indonesia is going to kick off with the first public vote (for the nudibranch category) going live on 16 June. The voting will be held on the contest’s website along with lots of live reporting throughout the event from both Norway and Indonesia. The coverage will also be featured here on Wetpixel and via many other online sources.

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500px announces it will now sell user photos through Getty Images and VCG Photo

500px announces it will now sell user photos through Getty Images and VCG

500px has announced that it will close Marketplace, it’s 4-year program for licensing royalty-free content, and now begin selling user photos through Visual China Group (VCG) and Getty Images. VCG is the parent company of 500px. 500px will also be removing the ability to download or share images through Creative Commons Licenses. 500px users that do not want their images sold through either of these companies are recommended to change their distribution settings on the website by selecting “I opt out of the global distribution network”.

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Issue 31 of Anima Mundi available Photo

Issue 31 of Anima Mundi available

Issue 31 of online magazine Anima Mundi - Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now online It features the bird-eating jackals of the Kalahari desert, a Chobe National Park trip report Costa Rica-based Greg Basco’s portfolio, a photographic tribute to Assam’s remote and exotic waterbirds of Maguri Bheel and Silvano Paiola’s ‘s report from Slovenia about Kocevje’s primeval forest and its endangered European bears.

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Image Makers: Help the Oceans on 9 June Photo

Image Makers: Help the Oceans on 9 June

On 9 June, Motion for the Ocean will send one global simple, clear message to policy makers: Oceans are Important. Wetpixel has partnered with the Sea Save Foundation to allow the global underwater image making community the opportunity to raise its collective voice in support of this. Please post one of your images or videos onto the social media outlet of your choice on 9 June with the following hashtags:#M4O #MotionFortheOcean #SeaSaveTweet #PlasticPollutionCoalition. These will allow the imagery to be aggregated and presented to those in power.

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Tips for shooting models underwater on Stoppers Photo

Tips for shooting models underwater on Stoppers

FStoppers has published an article by photographer Jennifer Tallerico with tips on shooting models underwater in the springs of Florida. Tallerico is a Florida based photographer that runs underwater photography workshops. The article focuses on the challenges of shooting outside of a controlled pool environment and the challenges faced such as restrictions of free diving of any kind in the springs as well as light. Tallerico supplemented the ambient light by using a Light & Motion Stella Pro Light out of the water.

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