Stephen Frink comments on PMA 2005 Photo

Stephen Frink comments on PMA 2005

Stephen Frink has posted a thoughtful piece on the Photo Marketing Association Show 2005 (PMA). 

“A Kid in a Candy Store ... that was my first impression as I passed through the portals of the PMA show in Orlando, February 20 - 23. Cameras and photographic accessories were everywhere in the massive Orange County Convention Center. My job was to ferret out which of the myriad offerings have relevance to underwater imaging…”

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A new forum: The Best Of Wetpixel Photo

A new forum: The Best Of Wetpixel

Over the years there have been a number of classic discussions here on Wetpixel. The aim of this new Forum The Best Of Wetpixel is to centralize all these great threads in one place so that they are easy to find.

And we are looking to the membership to suggest which discussions they would like to see transfered to this new Forum. Please use the “Suggestions for Best Of” thread in the Feedback forum if there is a discussion that you find particularly helpful.

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Masa Ushioda, Dancing with Whales Photo

Masa Ushioda, Dancing with Whales

I was out in Hawaii last week and spent some time with Masa Ushioda, who has one of the best stock libraries of pelagic and blue-water animals around.  He has a beautiful spread of humpback whales in the latest issue of Nature’s Best Magazine, which you should check out the next time you’re in a bookstore.

All of the whale photos were taken with a Canon D60 in a Sea & Sea housing.  One of the 2-page spreads features two whales in it—one on each page.  Don’t let the layout fool you: although it looks like two separate photos because one whale fits perfectly into each opposing page, but it’s really one, amazing frame.

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BTS/Beneath the Sea 2005 Contest Winners Photo

BTS/Beneath the Sea 2005 Contest Winners

The Beneath the Sea 2005 contest winners have been posted!  The winning photos are spectacular, and as usual, many Wetpixelians are represented.

BTS 2005 is coming up this March 18-20, 2005 in New York, just outside of Manhattan.  I won’t be able to go this year, but hopefully one of our members will take a bunch of photos and send them to us!

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UwP Magazine Issue #23 Photo

UwP Magazine Issue #23

On the Wetpixel front, there is an announcement in the News section of UwP Magazine #23 about the new design of this site. Plus, there are articles by Dr. Alexander Mustard and James Wiseman. James details the decisions involved in his switch from Nikon to Canon, and Alex has written an in-depth review on Inon’s D2000 S-TTL strobe, and also a first-impressions look at his new Nikon D2X and housing.

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Wetpixel POTW Contest

Hello, guys.  A quick reminder: the POTW contest still exists!  The new format will allow us to eventually switch to a picture of the day format, instead of only allowing for pictures of the week.  Ideally, we’ll run the contest like they do over at Steve’s Digicams, with monthly voting from POTD winners.

Please check out the new POTW page to see how to enter.  For now, we have no themes, but we’ll figure out how to get them in the contest in the future!

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